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How much does a swimming pool cost?
I do not really think there is one answer to this, every yard is different and every pool is different.

When you see an advertised swimming pool price chances are that's the starting price, or a bait and switch tactic.
If you live in an area that is relativity flat elevation with easy access less than 50’ to the dump truck and no HOA and not in the city limits you can probably be within the advertised price.
Make sure you read carefully on what you’re getting. We run across this quite trying to compete with a quote a customer has gotten from a builder. We have found after they chose to go for the lower bid we have been called to try and correct some of the issues. It’s normally too late by this point to make the corrections either from the cost stand point or the construction was already done and would require a total remodel. Some didn’t have main drains as some of these builders will tell you they are not needed or illegal. If they do not install them correctly they can be illegal, you need main drains to be able to circulate the pool correctly.
Below is a simple idea on if you wanted to build your own swimming pool what the cost would be on an average backyard swimming pool not exceeding 400 sf.
This does not include the time it takes to find all the trades, any HOA or city permits fees.
The area you live in can also increase the prices, if you live in a rocky area or a swampy area, etc.

To be fair, we only install PebbleTec and higher end equipment.

The best way to prevent problems is starting at the beginning and only using proven products and craftsmanship from the start.