Just as there are safety standards, construction standards, many different equipment types and material types, there are laws and/or rules that MUST be followed.  Many builders cut corners or don't pay attention to laws, rules and/or regulations and this will only hurt you and cost you in the long run.

Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction follows ALL laws, rules and regulations whether building in the city limits or not.  All of our pools are build the same, from the huge backyard resorts to a standard swimming pool.  We have a master plumber and master electrician on all of our job sites.  We have and maintain general liability insurance.  If you are told that a company has insurance, confirm it!  And not just by looking at a piece of paper, call to confirm the policy is current. 

Kuykendall Custom Pools & Construction will pull all permits for you if they are required.  This will be included in our construction agreement so make sure if you are in the city limits that any proposal you get does include permitting and inspections.  This can be quite challenging and costly if the responsibility falls on you.  We also take care of any HOA/POA work required with each of our projects.  Again, make sure this is included with others as well.  If you have permitting and/or HOA/POA requirements and they are not completed correctly, it will be YOU that will have problems, not your contractor.  Failing to comply with the city and/or HOA/POA, you may be left with huge fines along with having a lien placed on your home.  Do NOT allow this to happen to you.

If you are in the city limits, you can go to your cities webpage and search swimming pool permit requirements so that you are aware of them and you can make sure that your project is built to their requirements.  If you have an HOA/POA, you can visit your HOA/POA webpage and search for your deed restrictions and property improvement requirements.  Knowledge will help you weed out builders so be prepared. 

More often than not, the only person you will talk to before signing an agreement is a salesperson.  Some are honorable, knowledgeable, dependable and care but most are not.  Those that work on commission tend to sell the dream and leave others to service the nightmare.
The state of Texas and most all governing cities along with HOA/POA's follow the Standard Swimming Pool Code, the National Electrical Code and the International Plumbing Code.  You can preview these codes here.
Know the law so you know don'thave to pay later!
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